Get ready to engage in game which is another Multiplayer game. Nowadays, playing iO games online is an interesting and popular activity of many players all over the world. These games will help you relax, rejoice your mood and bring you so much fun once joining.

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Possibly speaking, discovering the iO games will also give you a chance to present your skills, especially your surviving ability, get you through many challenges, make friends with numerous players from other countries and so forth. game is not an exceptional case, and you can totally fulfill many things mentioned above in this funny game.

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This iO game opens an awesome match for you, which is kind of different from other previous games that you have experienced before. Have you ever thought that you would have to deal with lots of wicked zombies and try to escape away from them like crazy?

Now, you will experience that kind of challenge in game! If you don’t know about what this game focuses on much, you can check out the gameplay below and find out mods as well as some controls in this game! Gameplay

Are you ready to escape away from the zombie outburst in game? This is an awesome Multiplayer game online using iO extension. The game offers a unique gameplay that surely keeps you addicted once joining. As you know, most of the deadly zombies are so into absorbing human brains. game gives you a chance to become a human or a nasty zombie trying to vanquish all challenges. Therefore, there will be two teams in the game, one is human, and one is zombie. So, which side are you on?

If you are a human, your main task is to hide and escape away from the zombie outburst as fast as possible. Do whatever it takes to protect your life and survive longer. All humans need to find a great way to defend themselves and keep these nasty bloodthirsty creatures out of their territory. Do not let any zombies touch you, or else you will be changed into the zombie as well. There are plenty of useful items that can be utilized to build up your fence and keep yourself in before the zombie gets closer. A perfect way to defeat the zombies is to team up with other human players!

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Play Multiplayer Free Online

As a wicked zombie, you are supposed to chase down the human and try to tag him! Once you’re done, that human will be turned into a zombie and of course, he will join your team. Being a zombie is also very fun and awesome! You can become a villain and try to chase all humans to suck their blood and make them go to your team. You don’t have to be worried or scared since you’re the chaser, and those humans are the runners! Present your best skills, prove your talents and bring your zombie team to the final victory! Mods

An important thing that you shouldn’t miss when checking out game is the so-called mods! Just like other previous iO games online, this Multiplayer zombie game also offers Mods to the players so that they can utilize awesome extra features, useful hacks, and other tricks when dealing with challenges in the game. Installing and using mods will also give the players an edge over the opponents, which can help them vanquish the enemies easily. At the moment, there are no additional features or hacks added to game yet, because the game has just been released recently. But you can still expect that these extra features will be developed and attached to the game soon.


The controls in this game are not difficult! You have two options for controlling your character in the game. As mentioned above, you can play as a zombie or a human and it’s up to you! All you need to do is to move and control the direction of your character, (human or zombie), and to do so, you must utilize arrow keys or keys WASD on your keyboard. Try to move around carefully, interact with the objects and defeat all challenges.

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