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Adventure Boy: Jailbreak

Ruby December 30, 2021 2D Shooter 1376
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About Adventure Boy: Jailbreak

Adventure Boy: Jailbreak is an adventure game with an interesting puzzle element. Here, you will transform into the boy Benson to help his friend escape from prison now.

Benson is a spoiled boy but very affectionate and willing to sacrifice for those around him. During a fail robbery, Benson’s friend was detained by the police in a prison awaiting trial. Join Adventure Boy Jailbreak for kids, you will work with this boy to think about how to save his friend from prison. This is a very difficult task, because the police department has always been a very secure place.

As the guy Benson, you need to make use of everything around the city, including discarded objects. Of course, you also have to dialogue with people present in the neighborhood to find out the alibi for your friend. The characters in Adventure Boy Jailbreak unblocked have a very funny design, each with their own personality. Therefore, when you talk to them, you will see different expressions on their faces. So, don’t worry, if you know how to put these clues together, you will quickly find a way to rescue your friend.

Adventure Boy: Jailbreak is one of the few cartoon 2d games on the market today with a large setting. In the game, you can control your character to move through many places on the map in search of valuable clues. Your destination is the secret room holding your friend, can all efforts pay off in this game? Join this game on the web browser now to discover everything for yourself.

How to play

Control Benson's moves through the WASD buttons Press Shift to run and Space to talk or use items, Esc to pause

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