Asteroid Anarchy

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About Asteroid Anarchy:

Shoot and kill all enemies in Asteroid Anarchy unblocked now! With this fast-paced shooter multiplayer io game, you will face up to many opponents on the same battlefield and you need to kill them all for your victory. Asteroid Anarchy game lets you direct a big ship around an arena. You must go accumulate crystals and ore. The asteroids can be mined as you move through the map, also, you can inflict damage on the bots with other enemies to get more crystals. When you collect every 10 crystals, your ship will get an upgrade. Keep collecting them then see if you can gather 1000 crystals in the game. To get more ore, you must go to the middle planet or slay the bots and enemies. They will drop ore for you to collect. When your ship gets damaged, you must spend at least 5 ore to fix the ship. Be mindful of the restricted size of your cargo as you gather ore. If you want to increase the size, you can use your gathered crystals. There are many challenges that Asteroid Anarchy online throws you in. Can you conquer them all? Join it now!


Rotate left, right and thurst through the arena using WASD or arrow keys. Use F or the spacebar to fire, use "?" to display frames per second and ping.

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