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Ruby July 7, 2020 2D Shooter, Battle Royale, Free For All 1514
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About Royalz.io

Royalz.io is a new and simple 2D shooter Battle Royale based io game. In which, you will take the role of a soldier. You and other online players will be dropped into a dangerous arena set on a distant island. And quickly, they become your enemies. It is a difficult match because you have to rely on your power to fight against the foes alone. You’d better gear up your character with good weapons. Remember to search for and collect essential supplies that can restore your health or reload the ammo!

Play Royalz.io unblocked they will be very important to defend your hero from deadly situations alongside skills. You must stay alive at the end of the deathmatch at all costs. It is also the best strategy to conquer the top spot. Don’t forget to find food and eat to regain health! Chicken legs are scattered across the map. Grab your gun and step into combat for free right now!

How to play

Press WASD to go, Left Mouse to fire, F to gather items

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