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Tactics Core

Ruby March 12, 2020 2D Shooter, Strategy, Upgrades 1616
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About Tactics Core

Tactics Core online (previously known as Stba.io game) is a MOVA shooter game inspired by an RTS game called Strike Tactics. You have to get ready and gather up your skills to step into a battlefield where you must defeat all enemy units. You begin the game as just a basic unit, such as Javalin (artillery), or the Manta (air fighter) and keep the company with your teammates throughout the game. Take control of the unit strategically to defeat all enemies. As you rocket your kill count, you can unlock more advanced units, such as the Harpy and Gladiator. Also, with the most kills you have accumulated, you will get access to super units. Your team has a limited number of supplies at the start of the game. If you have no supplies left, all bases and defenses will become weak, causing the Command Center to be vulnerable. Do whatever you can to keep it safe and defeat the enemy Command Center for your team’s victory. Join Tactics Core game now! You can try out other games like Tactics Core if you want!

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