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Bird Simulator

Ruby May 9, 2022 3D Games 369
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About Bird Simulator

Have you ever thought that you will become a bird and flap your wings to fly in the vast sky? So, coming to Bird Simulator, your wish will come true by transforming into a bird.

The vast nature is always a subject that humans can not fully explore. If you become a flying animal, or simply a bird, you will have the opportunity to see everything from the air. Play Bird Simulator free online, everything will come true by allowing players to transform into a bird. The bird in the game has the same characteristics as a bird in real life. Thereby flapping your wings and flying into the endless sky, watching everything around will bring you an unforgettable experience.

Join the game, you will explore a large open world through beautiful image quality. Most of the scenes in the Bird Simulator unblocked are derived from reality. Therefore, the appearance of trees, mountains, or clouds will make you unable to take your eyes off the screen. If in animal games for kids free, you will have many separate rules or tasks, Bird Simulator is completely the opposite. So, you will have the opportunity to work with the bird to explore the world without caring about anything.

Everything takes place in a large space, the world in the game is so large that it takes you a lot of time to fully explore. In addition to beautiful graphics, this game also offers well-rounded and vivid sound effects. So, you will hear the birds singing during the flight as if it is enjoying their own free life.

How to play

Control the bird through WASD buttons, Space bar to flap and Left shift button to rush down

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