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Evil Neighbor 2

Pup May 9, 2023 3D Games 152
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Evil Neighbor 2 is an unblocked adventure horror game. Run away from the neighbor with his wife in Evil Neighbor 2 free online and you will be able to survive!

About Evil Neighbor 2

Evil Neighbor 2 is an incredible html5 escape game. It’s also the chapter that you find after Evil Neighbor 1. Let’s check out the newest adventure by yourself!

Remember that you are the only person who is trying to struggle with your neighbors! Aside from that, they trap you. And now, you must flee from those crazy people as fast as possible. If they catch you, you will soon become their next victim and disappear forever.

The 3D Evil Neighbor 2 game is actually a breathtaking story. Can you remain alive after you finish your run?

How to play

Wander across the house with WDSA keys or arrow keys. Look around rooms with your mouse. Take the available items and use them with E. Drop those items with G. Leave the card box or shoot at the chasing person with Spacebar. Pause your game's menu with M. Find the hint with H.

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