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Pup January 17, 2023 3D Games 83
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Mega Factory is an online unblocked 3D casual simulation game. Run a cool business in Mega Factory and take your place to a better level as soon as you can!

About Mega Factory

Mega Factory game online will help you own and grow a business. As an owner, you should manage everything in your factory well so you can create the best products.

Play Mega Factory game online on browsers for free and experience a fresh challenge

It’s among the top html5 browser games in 3D graphics that you shouldn’t miss. In addition to that, you need to run your plant carefully, from processing raw materials to manufacturing products. But, those are not all.

Mega Factory is an online game with lots of things to do

In other words, it’s also important for you to control packing and sending items to finish customers’ orders if you play Mega Factory free online. Not only that, it’s necessary to put up many more modern machines, unlock the entire upgrades for your workers, and make your delivery team crowded.

Mega Factory APK for android is now playable on your device as well. In general, it has similar gameplay. Therefore, you should try your best to direct and earn money. Let’s get ready to build up and level up your factory in a short time!

How to play

Move around the factory with Left Mouse, arrow keys or W/A/S/D keys. Interact with every object with Left-click.

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