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Mind Controller

Pup May 17, 2023 3D Games 152
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With the Mind Controller in the new simulation game online unblocked, you can clear enemies and win. By using the Mind Controller, you can unlock more skills.

About Mind Controller

Mind Controller is a strange arcade stickman game. To remove every foe moving forward to you, you must choose the right skill. There are various creative methods.

Your free Mind Controller unblocked game will take you to a dangerous track. On which, you will face a lot of aggressive opponents. By using the available controller, you can make them fall off that path and unlock newer ways.

Mind Controller 3D is an incredible game with various controller buttons. Don’t ignore special skills that you can own at the following levels!

How to play

For the mouse:

Click and drag your mouse to aim at the coming enemy or utilize the controller buttons.

For the keyboard:

Move with WDSA.

Launch valid skills with 1-6.

Release the special skill with E.

Pick the select button with Shift.

Press the start button with Space.

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