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Ruby February 4, 2019 3D Games, Battle Royale, Free For All 2379
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About n00b.io

n00b.io places you in the middle of a battle where you have to finish off all opponents around you for a chance of forming the ultimate arena dominance. This 2D Shooter survival game is taken in a Minecraft-styled world with nice pixelated graphics. You have to pick a kind of fighter and utilize his weapons or even equipment to deal damage to the rivals standing in your way. You must finish them off before they have a chance to wipe you out. You’d better elude fire from them, or else you will soak massive damage, causing the game to be over. Don’t forget to watch your ammo count and reload the gun in plenty of time so as to continue the fight. You can even find some strategic places on the map to hide the enemies if you can’t handle their attacks. The final objective here is to become a champion fighter.

How to play

Use WASD or arrow keys to move. Click the left mouse to fire, spacebar to jump, and key Shift to sprint.

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