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Pup November 30, 2023 3D Games 123
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Punch Hero unblocked is a 3D action game online where you explore a world with challenges. You defeat challenges in Punch Hero to become the winner.

About Punch Hero

Punch Hero is an HTML5 action game with a fun gameplay mechanic. It is about you clicking items to grow your power and use it to defeat opponents to win.

Punch Hero lets you explore a magical world with challenges to vanquish

In this new Punch Hero game, you will show your clicking skills to interact with items as well as perform actions. You also make your way through walls, unlock levels, and grow your power. Then, you use your power with your skills to fight against enemies and try to win them.

Click to grow your strength in Punch Hero game

The more you click in the game, the stronger your hero will be. Besides, you will also make your way through walls to make advancement in the game. Then, you will fight against more enemies like dragons for instance. Your goal is to defeat them to win.

Play Punch Hero unblocked and become the best hero!

How to play

Move or run with WASD or Shift. Jump with the spacebar. Turn on/off auto train with E as well as turn on/off auto punch with Q. Punch enemies with F or the right mouse button. Rotate the camera using the left/right arrow keys or the left mouse button. Load emoji action for dancing or emote using T. View the controls tutorial as well as setting menu using ESC.

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