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Sky Car Drift

Pup May 29, 2023 3D Games 96
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Sky Car Drift unblocked is a 3D car game. In Sky Car Drift, you drift against your opponents on a track and try to get the longest drifts to win trophies.

About Sky Car Drift

Sky Car Drift is an arcade HTML5 free-to-play car game. It features amazing races where you drift against opponents on a nice track to obtain great rewards.

You drive a car in this 3D car game on a great track above the clouds. There are many opponents for you to race against. So, you must perform your great drifting skills to defeat them.

Try to perform great drifting skills as well as aim to get the longest drifts while staying on track to obtain rewards. There are also amazing cars, drivers, emotes, and skies for you to explore.

Your goal in Sky Car Drift online unblocked is to top the leaderboards to become the best racer!

How to play

Speed up your car using W or up arrow key. Drift left using A or left arrow key. Drift right using D or right arrow key. Brake with S or down arrow key. Respawn your car with R.

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