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About braains-io.com is the information about our website which share you braains.io game and other io games. You can play games here for free and online.

Welcome to about braains-io.com, a free website dedicated to sharing fun io games to all online gamers. You can find here hundreds of io games, especially braains.io, a game built on top of Among Us.

Join your friends to participate in exciting survival battles in the online browser. Or you can look for more simple games like snakes of prey, shooting, teaming and more. Don’t hesitate, all are free to play online with no download required.

What is Braains.io game and how can you play it?

Our website share you free braains.io game to play online all the time. It is a popular game similar to Among Us but simpler. You will play with your friends in the survival wars between humans and hideous zombies.

The game will automatically randomize a group of players into two teams, the human team and the zombie team. Each team will have different tasks but all have the same goal, which is to defeat the other team to win. And to do that, each player needs to coordinate well with his teammates.

If you are part of the human team, your mission is to hide from the zombies. Move around the room and look for the necessary items to set up a defensive barrier. If you are attacked, you will turn into a zombie and join their team, then begin your journey to hunt humans.

Meanwhile, if you are on the zombie team, you have the right to hunt down others for your loot. Your best food is humans, who are always on the defensive against you. But hurry up because you don’t have much time for procrastination.

So, no matter what role you play, you need a clear strategy to conquer the game. But the gameplay is not too difficult, because you just need to click WASD to move your character and act. Furthermore, if you’ve played Among Us, we think it won’t take you more than 1 minute to reach braains.io.

More io games are also available at braains-io.com

Besides Braains.io game, our website also share with you a wide range of other io games. You can find upgrade games, snake games, strategy games, power-ups games and more. Each game genre brings you relaxing and fun experiences.

These games usually have super simple gameplay but can keep you excited to play all day. You can play snake game to compete with other online gamers. Or you will have the opportunity to show your wisdom in strategy games.

All are free and you can play them online without downloading. Just click on the corresponding game item and you will find a range of suitable options. Next, choose your favorite game and click to play it now. You will play with many other players or join a team.

So, if you are looking for io games, braains-io.com will be the great destination for you. Our website works well to give you a smooth online experience. Don’t hesitate to join braains.io or many other games and show your skills, strategy here.

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