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Among Impostors

Pup February 17, 2023 Action 271
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Among Impostors unblocked is an action game online. In Among Impostors game, you create a team by absorbing foods and strengthening yourself to defeat enemies.

About Among Impostors

Among Impostors is a game like Among Us. However, it has a new experience for you to explore. You make a team with foods then defeat enemies with your strength.

If you already play Among game online, then this title is a good one for you. It upgrades your experience and brings you more fun. You will focus on making a team then expand it. To do that, you have to eat foods that you can find around in the arena.

As you play, you can utilize a defensive shield, speed shoes as well as other bonuses. They will help you gather lots of impostors. Then, you can also earn some points to purchase new impostors or grow the strength of the current character.

Enjoy Among Impostors unblocked and have a great experience with it!

How to play

Move your impostors using the mouse or touchpad.

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