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Big Bad Ape

Ruby July 19, 2022 Action 249
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Big Bad Ape game will help you enjoy the feeling of relaxation after hours of work and study. You need to do is simply help the chimpanzee destroy everything.

About Big Bad Ape

Big Bad Ape animal allows you to become a chimp with destructive power. In the role of a villain, you just need to destroy everything around to continue to the next level.

Causing destruction everywhere is what you should do when you have the power of a chimpanzee. Play Big Bad Ape online, you will have the opportunity to realize everything when you become a chimpanzee with great appearance and strength. Your mission is to attack everything in your path and cause mayhem.

Initially, the power of the chimpanzee will be optimally demonstrated by easily destroying any obstacles in the way. But do not be too confident, because the difficulty of each level will significant increase to help you feel more excited. The proof is that the police force will step in to stop your attack.

Sometimes new requirements will appear to make things more difficult at the levels. For example, the system will require you to kill a certain number of people to pass the challenge. Therefore, you must not only destroy the buildings around the path but also focus on the innocent people.

Remember that chimpanzees are not an immortal animal because police guns can damage you. You need to pay attention to your HP bar in this HTML5 adventure game to put up with reasonable fights. Everything will be over and you have to start over if the chimp’s HP bar reaches 0.

Are you ready to cause destruction everywhere in Big Bad Ape unblocked? This is an exciting action game on the web browser with many levels and challenges waiting for you to explore. Believe me, you will have a lot of trouble in the next levels if you want to complete the whole challenge.

How to play

Control the chimpanzee using the WASD buttons, attack with the Space button

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