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Bomb It TD

Ruby June 7, 2022 Action 132
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About Bomb It TD

Bomb It TD unblocked is a game of strategy and tower defense that is playable in browsers for free. The game is a combination of Bomb It and Tower Defense, which makes it more awesome to play.

You can play to test your bomb-placing skill then see how many waves of enemies you can fight off. If you are a fan of Bomb It and Tower Defense games, then Bomb It TD free online is a game for you.

The game is considered to be a nice Bomb It-inspired HTML5 game with different levels to play on. Your main mission is to place bombs strategically in a maze to stop the waves of robots and monsters from taking your hearts. These enemies will come in waves, meaning you must use your given time carefully to place the towers and other weapons along the track.

The towers will produce bombs whenever the enemies pass by, which blows them up. For every enemy defeated, you will earn more money. Make sure you gain a huge amount of money to purchase more towers and other weapons. The more defensive towers you have, the more waves of enemies you can defeat, which takes you to victory.

Remember that the toughness of the waves will become more increased as you progress to higher levels. Therefore, you have to upgrade your buildings and purchase better tools for defense. Can you beat all waves of enemies in Bomb It TD game? Play it now! You can play other Bomb It games or Tower Defense games for more fun!

How to play

Use the mouse to interact and place your defensive towers with other weapons along the track to stop the waves of enemies.


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