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Gang Brawlers

Pup November 29, 2023 Action 67
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Gang Brawlers unblocked is a fighting 3D game. In Gang Brawlers, you collect items, work with your friend and use your skills to defeat opponents.

About Gang Brawlers

Gang Brawlers is a multiplayer fighting 3D game. You join street battles against enemies and try your best to defeat them with your weapons to become the winner.

Gang Brawlers game brings you street fights with amazing actions to perform

The streets in this multiplayer action game are full of items. Hence, you can make your way through the streets to collect them then make use of them to your fight.

Play with a friend and fight together to defeat enemies in Gang Brawlers

The game also lets you team up with a friend for more strength. You can play with a friend in the 2P fighting mode. This also brings you more fun. As you play Gang Brawlers game, you can also collect some coins then use them to increase the strength of your character.

Your goal in Gang Brawlers unblocked is to become the strongest fighter and the winner!

How to play

Player 1: Move with WASD, jump with the spacebar, punch enemies or collect items with F, kick with G as well as defend with T. Player 2: Move with arrow keys, jump with P, punch enemies or collect items with K, kick with L as well as defend with O.

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