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Magic Tower Cards War

Pup November 27, 2023 Action 59
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Magic Tower Cards War unblocked is a battle stickman online game. In Magic Tower Cards War, you protect the princess and try to defeat enemies to win.

About Magic Tower Cards War

Magic Tower Cards War is a strategy battle game where you use strategies as well as skills to fight enemies to save the princess. You put the troop right to win.

Magic Tower Cards War lets you perform skills to protect the princess and defeat enemies

The game is about using your strategies as well as good skills to fight. You will get a deck of fighters then you put them in the right position for a chance of winning. This is how you fight to protect the princess.

Explore buffers and bonuses in Magic Tower Cards War

As you play, you can obtain some buffers as well as bonuses. They also help to make your troops stronger. Besides, you can combine two units of the same type to obtain a mega-unit.

Play Magic Tower Cards War unblocked to show your amazing tactical skills to defeat enemies and protect the princess!

How to play

Use the left mouse button to put the troop.

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