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Pup November 22, 2023 Action 104
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Slap Master unblocked is an Arcade stickman game. Your mission in Slap Master is to slap to defeat opponents and vanquish all levels to win.

About Slap Master

Slap Master is an entertaining HTML5 action online game about slapping. You are a stickman trying to slap enemies then protect yourself from their slapping.

Slap Master gameplay online is fun to play and has many levels to vanquish

In this Arcade stickman game, you are a slap master trying to complete all levels. To do so, you have to use your slapping skills to defeat opponents. You try to time your slaps then choose the right targets to advance through levels.

Perform your slapping skills to defeat enemies to win in Slap Master

Besides joining normal battles, you can also join the Boss Battles where you fight against strong bosses. You must also utilize your slapping skills to defeat them and protect yourself from their slaps.

There are also lots of exciting levels with different opponents for you to defeat. The more you play, the stronger your skills will be. Your goal is to vanquish all the levels to become the best player.

Play Slap Master unblocked to explore levels with amazing battles to show your skills!

How to play

Use arrow keys or WASD to control your character.

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