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The Skull Kid

Ruby August 15, 2022 Action 147
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About The Skull Kid

Transform into the villain in The Skull Kid and do whatever you want. The law does not seem to exist, your goal is to destroy all the office workers in the building.

The Skull Kid makes you a true villain

Not everyone wants to be a terrorist, a villain in everyday life. But with the appearance of The Skull Kid unblocked game, you will become the bad guy without affecting anyone. Of course, you will still perform bad deeds with the virtual office workers in this game.

Your goal in the game is quite simple, it is to move around the office to destroy all employees. Dangerous weapons will also be useful to complete your goals. Act your way in this action online game and ignore what’s going on around you.

Start with a sharp saw blade in The Skull Kid online

First, your character will use a sharp saw blade with the task of sawing everything around. All objects in the way of movement must be sawed in half by this saw blade. For example, desks, chairs, copiers, or even innocent office workers.

Learn how to use a gun

After you used the saw blade and destroyed everything around, the other employees became warier. The Skull Kid HTML5 game allows the rest of the office staff to use guns to attack you and defend themselves.

This is the time when you need to show your talented gun skills to defeat them in intense gunfights. Don’t get hit too much if you don’t want to lose, your character is not immortal in this game.

Play The Skull Kid no flash, you will approach the content in the game with a new perspective than the traditional. You can play the game in your own way to feel the fun and become the real villain.

How to play

Navigate the character with arrow buttons, Space button to attack.

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