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Tunnel Rush

Ruby April 25, 2022 Action 114
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About Tunnel Rush

Tunnel Rush is a fast-paced, web-browser dodging game. Join the game, the character will constantly move forward, and many obstacles are waiting ahead to destroy you.

Tunnel Rush avoid game takes players to an endless race in the colorful tunnel. You will have to control your character accurately to dodge the obstacles in front of you if you don’t want to lose. This is a simple game to start where you just need to press the Space key on the keyboard. But things will become very difficult in the later stages when the number of obstacles appears more and more. Therefore, you need to show agility and precision to avoid the obstacles in front of you. Concentration is the core factor that helps you get the highest score in the Tunnel Rush 3D Game and vice versa. If you appear distracted, you will end up at some point that is not so convincing.

All you need to do in the game is use the left or right arrow keys to rotate the screen clockwise. This will help you dodge the available obstacles. But believe me, the game is only really attractive in the next levels. Play Tunnel Rush in Browser, you will enjoy a lot of different levels divided into many separate levels. But more importantly, this game has no save points, so you will have to play from the beginning if you have a problem or collide with any obstacle. This is one of the extremely popular html5 games on the web browser. With simple addictive gameplay, this game is for all types of players. So, you should join Tunnel Rush to practice your reflexes and stay focused to judge the next movements.

How to play

Control using left/right arrow or AD button to move

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