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Zombie Mission 12

Pup January 14, 2023 Action 62
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Zombie Mission 12 unblocked is a new game of the Zombie Mission series. Jump into the adventure in Zombie Mission 12 and help two heroes rescue every hostage.

About Zombie Mission 12

Zombie Mission 12 is a game after Zombie Mission 11. In this episode, you will control two characters and your mission is to save innocent citizens from bosses.

Play Zombie Mission 12 on browsers free online and embark on a hard challenge

Currently, in the Zombie Mission game, you’ll continue visiting the wild west. Moreover, you’ll use newer weapons along with vehicles. Furthermore, you can experience strange mechanics. Not only that, the gameplay will get more exciting.

And, you are a part of a thrilling journey in your Zombie Mission online play. In which, you must fight against tons of enemies and their bosses. As a result, you should evade dangers for survival first. Afterward, you can finish your quest.

Zombie Mission 12 is a great Zombie Mission game with endless dangerous situations

Hence, it’s necessary for you to perform skills if you play Zombie Mission 12 online. Moreover, you can obtain daily rewards. Additionally, there will be improvements to gain after you end every stage completely. Besides, remember to stock the coins that you earn!

Zombie Mission 12 online is a Zombie html5 game that you shouldn’t forget. Open the story and go through it now!

How to play

Player 1: WASD keys to roam and jump C to attack Press C and release it to mega-hit V to throw a grenade X to reload the gun Q-E to change weapons Q and E to launch a special hit Player 2: Arrows to move and jump L to hit Keep L to create a powerful hit K to use a grenade J to reload your tool O-P to swap weapons O+P to generate a speical attack

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