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About Wormax2.io:

Wormax2.io unblocked is the sequel to Wormax.io. Are you excited about this new snake game inspired by Slither.io? Wormax2.io is totally free to play in a browser, so check it out for more challenges. You spawn in a huge map in the shape of a worm with some given lives. Now, you have to wander around the arena eating a lot of fruit to grow in size. Then, you use your big body to trap as well as block the movement of other enemy worms. In case you crash into their body, one life will be gone, and if you lose them all, the game will be over. Can you rule the leaderboard of Wormax2.io free game? Good luck!


Use the left mouse or the right mouse or key Q to speed up. Press key W to stop moving, key E to become invisible, and keys 1-5 for using a smiley. 

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