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99 Balls

Ruby June 6, 2022 Balls 271
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About 99 Balls

99 Balls unblocked is one of the best physics-based games. It is also a unique game when it combines classic Bubble Shooter and Breakout.

If you want to have a new experience with a bubble shooter game, then 99 Balls free online will be a great game for you. The mission for you here is to aim and shoot all the balls to get a high score. You see that every ball has a specific number on it. You must shoot them until the numbers reach zero. These numbered balls must be destroyed before they reach the bottom of the screen.

You are provided with an orange circle. Where the circle stops will be the next starting shooting position. Try to set the angle for advantageous shooting positions. Don’t forget to collect circles to grow the number of circles you can throw. Also, make sure you collect stars for new weapons. Can you conquer all levels in 99 Balls game? Have fun!

How to play

Click the left mouse button and drag it backwards to aim and release it to shoot.

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