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Battalion Commander 1917

Ruby September 26, 2022 Battle Royale 66
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About Battalion Commander 1917

Join Battalion Commander 1917 to transform into the commander in chief of the liberation army. You will start the campaign by fighting all the enemies that appear.

Battalion Commander 1917 brings uncompromising military warfare

Non-stop fighting gameplay

The uncompromising war in Battalion Commander 1917 unblocked is very clear. The proof is that you will have to control your army through the enemy’s base and destroy them. The most important task is to free the innocent soldiers to continue the fighting process.

The battles will take place in the form of a vertical screen, ie you will perform precise shooting maneuvers towards the enemy. At the same time, you also have to dodge the bullets from them to protect the safety of your troops. Don’t forget to collect gold to buy or upgrade weapons including powerful tanks.

Many strong enemies appeared on the battlefield

Your enemies are powerful military forces from different countries. They are all well-trained soldiers ready to destroy anyone. This is the time when you need to show your reflexes to dodge powerful attacks from them.

Dodge bombs and obstacles

Not only enemies, defense tower systems and obstacles along the way will also make it difficult for you. Each type will have a different operating method that will definitely make you difficult. For example, when touching the bomb system in this action shooting game, your entire army will be destroyed immediately.

Complete the quest in Battalion Commander 1917 unblocked

Battalion Commander 1917 provides players with a diverse mission system with a variety of content. Each game screen will have different tasks for players to feel the attraction when enjoying. So, you need to complete to get valuable rewards in this survival 2D. You can also try playing Squidly Escape unblocked at our site.

How to play

Hover to navigate the soldiers and use the left mouse button on the skill icon to use

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