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Merge To Battle

Pup May 15, 2023 Battle Royale 86
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Merge To Battle is a cool unblocked battle strategy game. The goal of Merge To Battle online is to take over all of the enemy's castles by merging your units.

About Merge To Battle

Merge To Battle html5 online is a game where you should move and fight or capture in a strategic way. Otherwise, your foes will attack and do the same for your army.

While moving, you can combine identical warriors to generate a stronger unit. In addition to that, you need to approach the other’s castles in a smart manner. So, you can take control of them and prevent them from capturing yours.

Merge To Battle is a new game free online in which you’d better command your warriors carefully. Get ready to join the coming fight and win!

How to play

Merge the same warriors to create a better unit.

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