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Ruby November 2, 2022 Battle Royale 95
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MineStrike.fun is an iO game inspired by Minecraft. You join a battle in MineStrike.fun game and control a block to eat stuff then fight against others.

About MineStrike.fun

MineStrike.fun is one of the HTML5 Minecraft-themed action io games. It is about a fierce top-down battle that you will join together with a lot of online enemies. Control a special character like a block and attempt to upgrade him by eating and killing the foes! There are different types of edible resources scattered across MineStrike.fun free online. If you are a newbie, you should forget to avoid encounters and collect them. In case you get ready to fight, choose weaker rivals to attack. Slashing them will increase your score easier. Play MineStrike.fun unblocked and you can keep away from everybody including stronger players. Actually, their weapon can make you disappear in a wink. Therefore, you are recommended to speed up in case you want to escape and maintain your progress. Survival of you along with the point you gain will help you become the winner. Good luck!

How to play

Choose Left Mouse Button to strike, Right-click to sprint.

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