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Raft wars 2

Ruby October 17, 2022 Battle Royale 50
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Raft Wars 2 is a sea-themed battle game for you to play with your friends. In Raft Wars 2, you launch the paint bucket at enemies to defeat them for money.

About Raft wars 2

Raft wars 2 shooting is fun, cute, and smart. Also, play raft wars 2 unblocked at school for multiple enjoyments. Shoot the pain bucket to earn some money first. Buy the stuffs lifesaver, mine, or helmet. Check your budget if it is enough for the items. You will be one of the soldiers. Fight against the security guard. It is awesome, huh? Aim the targets; fire them to knock all out of the raft and into the water. Retrieve much fun while making them wet absorbed. Remember that the water waves will push yours and their raft away, thus count in this factor. Self-protect by the armor. Aim precisely and boom, another one down the water. Ha-ha! Come on! Challenge the security forces and see how far you can go with raft wars 2 hacked game! You might as well play raft wars 3 game and this new updated version ensures more attractions. Join in and check out with your own eyes.

How to play

Use the mouse to aim and shoot the target.

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