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Stickman WW2

Ruby September 16, 2022 Battle Royale 64
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About Stickman WW2

The strategic battles in Stickman WW2 will help you better understand the world war. This is the time when nations are ready to destroy each other with strong militaries.

Join Stickman WW2 to enjoy the tense fighting atmosphere

Among the stickman no flash games, Stickman WW2 APK presents attractive tactical gameplay loved by many players. Here, you will have the opportunity to explore the second world war and become a part of it. So, become the commander of any country you want to defeat all the enemies around.

Gather the army ready to fight

In the role of a commander, you need to gather a strong force of soldiers to be ready to fight the enemy. Each soldier will have a certain role in the battle, so you should read their information carefully before summoning them. Besides, the battles will take place completely automatically and you can observe them easily.

Learn about the role of each soldier in Stickman WW2 online

The role of each soldier is completely different in battles. You should start by increasing resources by unlocking miners working in the mine. So, they will help create resources for you to unlock other combat soldiers.

After you have stable resources, you will begin to summon stickmen to serve the battle process. It could be people using flamethrowers, machine guns, cannons, or even tanks. So, all you need to do is tap the icon on the screen to summon the army of your choice.

Pay attention to the feature icons that appear

The icons on Stickman WW2 unblocked represent various activities. You can press the Speed button to speed up the battle and it will not affect the outcome. Or you can also observe the number of troops and the amount of money available in this strategy game easily.

How to play

Use the left mouse button to interact with the icons on the screen

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