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About Inky

Inky is another eat-to-grow snake game with better graphics and crazier matches. You have to be ready for a new snake adventure that forces you to slither through a huge arena full of paper snakes. Like the original game, in Inky unblocked, you also have to grow bigger by devouring tons of pips and even the snakes controlled by other players. That’s how your evolution works through over time. It may take time to grow up, but once you have become bigger, you will find it easier to deal with enemies. You can take advantage of your body to go encircle other snakes or speed up yourself to cut them off and make them run into you. It may sound easy to kill enemies when you are bigger than them, but still, you need to be careful because they may use some tactics to get an upper hand on you. Try to play strategically, survive and get to the top place on the leaderboard. Can you conquer Inky free online? Much fun!


Navigate your snake through an area using the mouse.

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