- in Classic, Free For All, Slither Style
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About is one of the most exciting classic games. Come to the new world you will have the chance to join a competitive match with multiple rivals throughout the world. Alike, your mission in that adventure is to become the longest snake ever.

It’s not simple to take control of your pet, especially to eat food or trap somebody in! You should always pay attention to the movement and steer to the left or right promptly or you can miss many opportunities to grow longer or earn a higher rank. In case you progress in, your field of view will be improved and expanded. Therefore, you can see more rivals and resources. But, do not run into anybody if you want to go on! However, you are allowed to utilize your tail as a lethal weapon after you engage in Just block the prey’s head and cut off him! If you are not sure, you can evade other bodies or choose to speed up. Note that that boosting ability will consume your mass a lot! It means that you will get shorter after you accelerate. Play and take over the leaderboard now!


Use WASD or the arrow keys to steer, Space bar to boost

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