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Ruby March 21, 2020 Classic, Sports, Team 2143
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SLIME .LOL is one of the classic sports games where you can play free online volleyball, soccer or hoops and more. It is a fun-addicting match in which you will take control of a slime and compete with random opponents from around the world. To become the winner, you need to score the highest goal.

Connect to the challenge of SLIME .LOL unblocked you are also joining a quick competition. Once the rival pops up on the playfield, you can start to explore the mission with a big black ball. It will drop from the top of the screen. Aside from normal moves such as jumping or walking, you are able to release powerful shots to earn high points. If your attack is accurate, you will have more chances to end up the race as you want and even take over the top spot. In addition to making the competitor confused, you do not forget to defend. Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD or Arrow keys to move your player, Space to jump, Shift to launch power shots, 1-4 to choose emotes

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