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You can contact us anytime and get a response as soon as possible. We always encourage you to do it to contribute to this website and your experience here.

Contact us via email info@braains-io.com with any of your problems and comments about our website. We are always available to respond to you during business hours to help you resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

We always encourage users to share with us about their experiences with online io games here. So let us know how you feel about game speed, game listings or other issues related to your information, account or privacy.

Under what circumstances can you contact us?

While we always encourage users at braains-io.com to share their experiences, make sure your sharing makes sense. Therefore, we will suggest you some cases in which you should contact us. That is:

  • You want to report errors on this website, such as slow speed, can’t access the game, can’t save data…
  • You want to suggest us new games that you really like. If many other players have the same suggestions as you, we will consider updating the game to the website so that everyone can enjoy.
  • Problems related to your information, such as someone stealing or trespassing your account. Or in cases where you need to correct your information but are unable to, or you want to ask us to stop collecting your information on this website.
  • You want to report to us about violations, such as indiscriminate statements, vulgar images and content of others.

The most popular ways for you to contact us quickly

For important matters, you can send to our email, which is info@braains-io.com. Please specify your name of the representative, your problem, your wish for our solution and pay attention to enter our email address correctly.

For non-urgent issues, you can comment below each game. It should be about your experience issues, such as game speed, access status and data saving. We will review your comments and respond to you with reasonable solutions. Also, some other players can also help with your problem.

Please relax during our response time as we always have to review multiple emails and comments at the same time. We always try to respond to you as soon as possible and we don’t miss any important user shares. But if you do not receive a response, please email again.

So, we have made public the contact address as well as the cases in which you should contact us. Your experience has always been our number one goal in driving a healthy online website. So, your comments and sharing are always appreciated, thank you for that.

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Email: info@braains-io.com

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