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Ruby June 22, 2020 Free For All, Ocean, Power-ups, Upgrades 1822
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About BabyShark.io

BabyShark.io is an io game about sharks. A fan of ocean-themed io games should give BabyShark.io unblocked a try for a new experience. It’s all about sharks hunting and eating each other to see who will become a giant in the underwater arena. You spawn in the arena as a small shark with 0 points. The adventure starts when you go find some gems to eat to grow your size then utilize boost to start an attack or an escape. Watch out for the bigger sharks because they will eat you. In this case, you must use the speed boost to escape from them. But when you encounter smaller sharks, quickly eat them before the run. If you run into sharks with the same size as you, you will not lose any gems. There are two types of gems: round gems that give you 3 points and fish-shaped gems that give you 10 points. Collect them to increase your points. Don’t forget to avoid running into the edge of the map, otherwise, you will take damage, causing the game to be over. You must get to the top rank on the leaderboard to become the best shark. Play BabyShark.io game for free! Have fun!

How to play

Move your shark using the mouse, press, and hold the mouse button or use the spacebar to speed up.

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