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Ruby March 30, 2020 Free For All 2061
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About BattleCube.online

Get the best killstreak in BattleCube.online unblocked to become the best shooter! The big question is, will you be able to kill all enemies in just one session, or will you get yourself killed before reaching the top? Jump into BattleCube.online game, play it for free and find your answer. There are many shooter games made in the spirit of IO games, and this title is one of them with awesome challenges. The gameplay sounds simple but hard to master. You can create a room, choose a map with round duration then step into the arena to battle it out. You have to use your weapons to deal damage to your rivals when they are in your sight. You can take the most advantageous shooting position by using the terrain with objects, like trees, stones, and architecture on the map. Although you have unlimited ammunition, you still should make sure that you reload your weapon in advance to shoot enemies in time, otherwise, you will take their shots. Try to kill all of them and you will win!

How to play

Move your character using WASD, aim and shoot with the mouse, press Q to choose a weapon, and use the spacebar to jump.

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