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About HiveSweeper:

In HiveSweeper unblocked io game, you become a bee that has to capture a beehive and make the biggest territory in the hive. This mission sounds simple but very tough to conquer as you will battle against up to 5 over bees in the same arena. You cannot go around the map in a careless way because you will get defeated by someone else easily. Plus, there are many deadly traps scattered on the map too, so try your best to strategize your moves. In case you make a mistake or use up all the tiles, you will be out of the battle immediately. Make sure you pay attention to your surroundings as you try to capture more space for your realm. HiveSweeper is not the io game for players who have no strategies to play. Always prepare some strategies in advance to cope with the in-game challenges! Will you become the strongest bee in HiveSweeper free online?


Use the mouse to control the movement of your bee around the map, click the left mouse to take over the safe tiles, use the right mouse to take over the trap tiles. Left click and drag to pan the camera around the hive.

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