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In Mexico Royale

Ruby February 6, 2020 Free For All, Racing, Upgrades 13713
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About In Mexico Royale

Get ready to cross the border between Mexico and America in In Mexico Royale unblocked – another battle royale io game you can play in your browser. There are many multiplayer games with the battle royale concept, and you may want to give this one a try. It’s all about crossing the border. As you play, you must keep your life balanced between food and money. Go search for food and eat it quickly to refill your energy and when you defeat other players, you can earn some money. You must sprint to beat enemies but if you are still at a lower level, you should avoid sprinting much because it will drain your energy. Sprinting is only for competitive players at a high level. Try to advance your levels through over time so you can gain more strength as well as unlock new characters. In In Mexico Royale free game, you have to reach the top place on the leaderboard!

How to play

Use the left mouse or use the spacebar to jump. Select the speed button on the right side to sprint and the flag button on the left to switch countries.

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