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Om Nom Bounce Game

Pup November 29, 2022 Free For All 46
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Free to play Om Nom Bounce unblocked game online and launch a new adventure by yourself! Clear every enemy in Om Nom Bounce and survive through all 40 levels!

About Om Nom Bounce Game

Om Nom Bounce is a challenging puzzle game online involving a popular character named Om Nom. During this time, you will help him overcome dangerous opponents.

Om Nom Bounce is a free arcade game online with various maps

Aside from thrilling levels as in Om Nom Run, you can visit and explore secrets in 4 unique environments when you accept to join the present game. As a result, you’d better learn how to defeat difficulties. Further, it’s essential to stay alive.

Om Nom Bounce html5 game will check your skills with a lot of crazy bosses and their friends

In the current Om Nom unblocked game, you need to remove your rivals from the path if you want to continue your journey and go to the end. Don’t worry! Actually, you can shoot candies at them. However, you should aim before shooting out anything.

Om Nom Bounce html5 game is completely free and ready for you to discover. So, to finish your adventure and be the winner at each stage, you can upgrade your abilities. Let’s master how to aim and throw sweeties now!

How to play

Click Left Mouse and hold that button to aim. Release that mouse button to shoot your candy.

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