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About 2:

Play 2 game online and see how big territory you can build! The game follows the success of, and this second chapter promises to be much better than the first one. You will also control your paper around a huge map filled with enemies. There are many empty spaces across the arena, so quickly take over them all then link them back to your main base for expanding your territory. You should be aware of other players as they will not skip any chances to attack you and wipe you out. They will aim at your tail, hit it then kill you. So, do whatever it takes to defend your tail. You can try to kill them in the exact same way. Once you have killed them, take over their spaces to make your territory much bigger. As you expand your realm, you will have a better chance to reach the top rank on the leaderboard and become the strongest leader in 2!


Control the paper around the map using arrow keys/WASD.

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