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About promises to be an addictive and enjoyable free-for-all IO game to master. The game is also a nice combination between and, making it more engaging to play. Similar to the previous snake games, you will also direct a small, cute yet cunning snake around a broad map full of scattered circles. Your first mission is to build your size by eating as many circles on the map as possible. Then, the next task is to engage in a clash against other opponent snakes controlled by real human players. Make sure that you already reach a good size before jumping into any battle. You can utilize your big body to kill the rivals by encircling around them and making them run into you. Or, you can even speed up to bypass them, which helps you block their movement easily. But this dash ability will need to be recharged over time, and to do this, try to smash many colored blocks on the map. Ensure that you always play tactically to triumph over all of your opponents! Good luck to you!


Direct your snake around the arena using the mouse. To speed up, just click the left mouse button.

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