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About Stabfish.io

Stabfish.io is a new ocean-themed io game containing a lot of power-ups. It is about the life of a monster and opponents. Connect to a dangerous playfield with multiple enemies from around the world and play against each other free online. You’d better grow stronger than all rivals if you want to survive and become the King.

Customize your fish and remember to decorate your weapon before joining Stabfish.io unblocked! It is possible to turn into a shark or a dolphin or a whale after customization. Start the latest adventure with the skin you like most and get ready to defeat every competitor in the shortest time! Aside from the food to fuel your boost tank, you are able to gather special items on the path. Stab the foes or you will die! Your score will be increased if you are successful. Especially, your gear will get longer when you gain points. Let’s accelerate and seel Chain Bonus now!

How to play

Use the mouse to move the fish around, choose Left Mouse to boost speed

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