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Twirl is an unblocked logic game. Beat puzzles in Twirl by putting blocks on the playfield in the correct way until they create vertical or horizontal lines.

About Twirl

Twirl game has a special challenge. In each stage, you have to swiftly collect enough pieces that the puzzle asks by using available blocks from the right-hand side.

Twirl is a 2D html5 puzzle game without a time limit

It means that you can play Twirl game online and relax while trying to complete your job comfortably. First of all, click on the objects in the area on the right side. Then, move them one by one to the left side and release your mouse button to drop them.

Especially, it’s impossible for you to change their position once you place them on the board. Therefore, you should watch and perform your actions carefully. Otherwise, you cannot finish the task.

Embark on the Twirl game and achieve enough three stars

In your html5 puzzle game, collecting stars will end when you gather enough the number of blocks or scores. So, you can level up sooner if you win the stage faster.

Twirl 2D is a game with many levels. And, difficulties will appear more when you advance. Interact with items and arrange them your way!

How to play

Select and place blocks with your left mouse button.

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