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Airport Clash 3D

Ruby December 31, 2019 IO Games, Team, Upgrades 13974
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About Airport Clash 3D

Airport Clash 3D unblocked is one of the latest multiplayer io games packed with action. The game was created by the creators of Subway Clash 3D and it’s totally free to play on PC. In this title, you become a leader of a gang full of raiders and the mission for you here is to take over an abandoned airport terminal from an enemy gang. There is a wide array of strong weapons you can use to crush your opponents, such as Gatling gun or Barret rifle. You can fly around the map finding hidden weapons with a lot of powerups throughout the map then use them to deal more damage to your opponents. You must also attempt to take over a heavy nuke and take it to the rival base to blow their lines away. After each fight you have won, you can keep yourself upgraded to have more devastating power. You can use points to grow your health too. The big objective for you in Airport Clash 3D free game is to have the best score and get access to all achievements.

How to play

Use arrow keys or WASD for the movement, use C to crouch, press the spacebar to jump, use Tab for the stats, and use the right mouse for the sniper zoom.

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