Angry Worms

- in IO Games,, Snake games

About Angry Worms:

Being an angry worm roaming through a big map hunting for foods must be very fun! Experience it now in Angry Worms – another Snake-themed Slither-inspired IO game. In this title, you play as an angry worm that tries to grow your size as big as possible. There are many objects dispersed on the floor, you must go eat them all for a big size then utilize it to outplay the enemies. You can surround other players using your long tail, block their head with your body, and make them run into you, which will eliminate them instantly. Don’t forget to watch out for your surroundings, have your strategies ready all the time to cope with the dangers, saving your life easily. You start small, but you must become the biggest worm in this arena, which is the main objective in this IO game as well. Give it a try now! Enjoy it!


Direct the worm using the mouse, click the left/right mouse buttons to speed up.

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