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It’s free for all to get a team-based iO game on PC and Google Play! It’s available to sign in instead of playing the new adventure set in a dangerous ocean as a guest. You are going to engage in a fun and fierce multiplayer online match. In which, you must be the strongest queenfish.

To achieve the goal and conquer the top spot in, you need to create a popular group. Swim around the playfield and collect everything that you are allowed. Your school will get crowded soon. Be careful! Do not run into any enemy clans that are bigger than yours! Otherwise, your minions can be destroyed in a wink. There are some special abilities waiting for you to discover. Right from the lobby of unblocked, you can choose to work together with teammates. Why don’t you enjoy Cellx? It has the same gameplay. Good luck!


Use the mouse to control your queenfish, LMB or W to bite, RMB or Space to merge, hold RMB or Space to devour your minions, scroll the mouse wheel or choose between + and - to zoom

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