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Ruby January 2, 2020 2D Shooter, IO Games, Power-ups, Strategy 1440
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ARCHERz is an archer-style io game in which you can play and hone your archery with commanding skills through a lot of challenges. In ARCHERz unblocked, your mission is to create an army of archers and control this army to kill all opponents. At first, your army is very small, so you need to make it bigger by hiring more archers. Add them to your size and assign them to tasks! Your army can store up to 100 archers. After building a large army, you can send them out into the fight to slay all enemies or even have them collect gold coins dispersed throughout the jungle map. So, there are two tasks that your archers must do, including searching for gold coins and attacking the armies of other players. Your big goal is to become the best leader with the highest score on the leaderboard. Have fun playing ARCHERz free online!

How to play

Use the mouse for the movement, click the left mouse to attack enemies, and use keys 1-9 for the bow.

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