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Armedforces.io is one of the fun io games online. Play battles in Armedforces.io unblocked and remove as many enemies as possible to score and win challenges.

About Armedforces.io

Armedforces.io multiplayer online is an intense game when you must continuously shoot at the opponent for survival. Equip your soldier and embark on a new mission!

Start Armed forces io unblocked as a soldier and fight against lots of strong rivals

You are actually a member of a troop. And, you are going to deal with tons of crazy foes in Armed forces shooting io. So, you must gather the most kill score and stay alive if you want to take control of every map.

In fact, it’s pretty interesting to move on different maps. Not only that, it’s also easy for you to take part in various game modes. Just select the mode that you like and you can begin to test your weapons.

Armedforces.io multiplayer online game is suitable for many levels of the player

In other words, Armed forces io unblocked is suitable for a skilled soldier or a beginner. Thus, you should prepare your character with the best tools and hop into the battlefield quickly. Then, you can perform and prove your shooting ability with other possibilities your way.

Armedforces.io is a game including plenty of exciting features. Further, it’s available to provide you with countless awesome matches. Let’s fight and be the last survivor!

How to play

  • Opt for Arrows or WASD to help your player roam
  • Click the Left Mouse button to shoot
  • Use Right Mouse to aim at the rival
  • Hit Spacebar to slide while you're moving
  • Choose C to crouch and hide
  • Left Shift to begin to run
  • Hit 1-3 to swap weapons
  • Launch E or F to collect weapons or items
  • Select G to utilize explosives
  • H to take advantage of the valid medkit
  • With T, you can chat with someone in-game
  • Hold N to view your score
  • Use L to turn on/off the cursor lock
  • Press Esc to pause the match.

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