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Ruby April 14, 2020 IO Games, Tower Defense 1583
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About Battlefields.io

You have a chance to present your strategic skills in Battlefields.io unblocked. Come play this new io game for free now then see how many enemies you can defeat. You will battle against three enemies in different areas of the map. Each of you begins with just one tower that is equipped with the maximum amount of units. The mission for you here is to deal damage to neutral towers for having a chance to capture all the towers of enemies. You have to be the last player remaining to become the ultimate winner, which is your main goal in Battlefields.io game. This goal can be simple but not easy to obtain as it requires you to have smart strategies to outplay your opponents who also use their strategies to best you. Level up yourself through over time to get skill points then use them to upgrade your attack, defense, speed, and reproduction rate. There should be a balance between attacking and upgrading towers. This balance will help you get an edge over your rivals. Are you ready for Battlefields.io free game? Play it now! Have fun!

How to play

Choose towers to attack using the left mouse button. Click the mouse then hold it when choosing, then release it to complete the option. Click another tower to send your units to that tower. Simply click a tower to choose it if you want. Navigate the menu using the mouse.

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