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Come play a survival style io game called and show off your survivability to conquer all challenges. To become a winner in a survival game, you have to kill all enemies and defend yourself until the end of combat. In, everything starts with a blade! You have to use that simple weapon smartly, swing it through a big arena to hit the heads of other players around you. Pick up colored grains on the ground to make your blade longer, which allows you to hit enemies more easily. Watch out for their blades at the same time! You have to avoid them all because if you get hit, the game will be over for you immediately. Don’t forget to use some smart strategies to get an upper hand on your rivals. As you increase your kill count, you will get your rank higher on the leaderboard. Try to reach the top to get crowned as the champion in unblocked! Play and have fun with it!


Use the mouse to control the movement of your character and swing your blade. Click the left mouse button to speed it up.

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