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Set in a complex arena, unblocked will not be an easy io game to master. You can try this classic multiplayer game in your browser for free and show off your skills now. When you enter new io game, you will have to roam the arena in a tactical way and your mission is to slay as many ghosts with other players as possible in order to reach the top rank on the leaderboard. You should never underestimate the power of your opponents because they can outmatch you through over time and when they do, you will be defeated for sure. Make sure you develop your own tactics as you progress further into the fight then use them to destroy all enemies coming in your way. The more kills you accumulate, the higher the rank you can reach. Keep doing so until you hit the top! Have fun playing Bomberino game online with many other players!


Move your character using arrow keys, display the scoreboard using key Quotes, and get back to select room menu using key ESC.

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